Last mile delivery and logistics solutions

  • Automated Order Grouping and Route optimization

Considers various factors like Preferred Delivery window, delivery locations, Driving distance between locations, Types of Orders, Std delivery time, Max orders that can be grouped, etc. To decide on which Orders can be grouped together and the best-optimized route to take to deliver them considering current traffic conditions.
Save Upto 25% of Your Logistics Costs. 
  • Automated real-time resource allocation

    • Considers nearest resource availability based on Rating, Driving efficiency, Priority, Total Earnings
    • - A real-time push of jobs on one/Multiple Mobile devices
         Increase logistics management capacity upto 90% 
  • Orders Management & Tracking

    • Manual Grouping & Ungrouping of Orders, Reschedule Delivery
    • Delivery Tracking
    • Planned Routes and Actual Routes
    • Delivery Efficiency
    • ETA and Voice interaction with Drivers
    • Delay Reportings with Customer notifications
    • Rate management
    • Electronic proof of Delivery
    • Customer ratings of Delivery
 Meet customers needs of order accuracy 
  • Driver/Workforce Management

    • Integration with 3rd Party Driver Marketplace
    • Push and Pull Drivers
    • OnBoard drivers directly on our platform
    • Bulk SMS Sending Capability
    • Optional Slot based Time Management
 24/7 to ensures you have the right driver 
  • Accounting & Dashboards

    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pay
    • Profitability Statement
    • Integration with Banking system for Instant Payments
    • Orders Likely to get delayed, needing Intervention
    • Performance Board
    • Driver's Efficiency
    • Driver's Earnings
 Generate 100% accurate report 
  • Other Features

    • Complete API based
    • Role-based Access Control
    • Out of Box integration with Twilio for SMS and Real-time Chat
    • Configurable parameters available to Admin
  •  Solution Fit for

    • Last mile logistics
    • Grocery delivery
    • Goods delivery


 Technology Stack Used

             dotnet  AngularJS1     256-SQLServer     Microsoft_Xamarin

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